Add-on breakage warning: Session Restore is changing

May 21, 2013 § 4 Comments

As part of project Async, we have been working on refactoring Firefox’ Session Restore to ensure that it does not block the main thread. Part of the work has been cleaning up the code and the data structures involved in Session Restore both to give us some maneuverability and to improve the chances of catching refactoring errors.

Unfortunately, a large number of add-ons seem to rely upon these undocumented data structures. Some of their features might therefore stop working. If you are the author of one such add-on, you should monitor carefully bug 874381 and its blockers. If you realize that we are about to break your add-on, please inform us asap, so that we can work out a solution.

§ 4 Responses to Add-on breakage warning: Session Restore is changing

  • Caspy7 says:

    I don’t know exactly what is meant by catching a refactoring error, but I’m curious, with this refactoring help to protect against any corruptions/badness that can create a bad profile?

  • yoric says:

    This might improve slightly the situation, but nothing meaningful, no.

    Oh, and by « catching a refactoring error, » I mean that we are reducing the number of operations that can fail silently but still badly. If we make any error during our batch of refactorings, this will decrease the chance of missing these failures.

  • V@no says:

    So, what exactly is changed? We need more information then just a warning that it’s being changed…
    So far the two links I’ve received in the email provide absolutely no useful information whatsoever.

    • yoric says:

      Short story: every internal field starting with __SS (except perhaps __SSi) is on its way out, at some point or other. See the linked bug and its blockers for how we are replacing each of these fields.

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