Wouldn’t it be nice?

April 2, 2014 § 2 Comments

Wouldn’t it be nice if Mozilla were a political party, with a single stance, a single state of mind and a single opinion?

Wouldn’t it be nice if people could decide to vote for or against Mozilla based on a single opinion of its leader?

But that’s not the case. We are Mozilla. We have thousands of different voices. We agree that users must be defended on the web. We fight for privacy and for freedom of speech and for education. On everything else, we might disagree, but that’s ok. We are Mozilla. We won’t let that stop us.

So please don’t ask us to exclude one of our own, no matter how much you disagree with his positions. We are Mozilla. We always disagree on most things that are not our mission. And we move forward, together.

Of course, if you want to change Mozilla, how we work and what we think, there is one way to do it. You can join us. Don’t worry, you don’t have to agree with us on much.


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§ 2 Responses to Wouldn’t it be nice?

  • Hey, even political parties are far from “a single stance, a single state of mind and a single opinion”. I’ve been active in one for years, I know how messy they can be in terms of beliefs at times – including the whole “gay rights” topic. In fact, I was at the event where that conservative party turned in favor of some kind of gay marriage for the first time, and believe me, some were enthusiastic and saying that’s great but doesn’t yet go far enough, and others were unhappy with even going there. We all pulled together on the core values of the party though, even if different people interpreted them differently.

    And I’m happy Mozilla is not a political party. And we are messy. But we all believe in Mozilla’s core values of an open and free web where everyone is in control of their experiences but can communicate and work together in innovative ways.

  • […] very little of the outcry came from Mozilla employees, and that many employees actually supported Eich—a fact that the media declined to note. This was not merely a case of employees voicing concerns; […]

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