Async & Responsive: What’s next?

October 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

For the past few months/years adding APIs to the Mozilla Platform to simplify everybody’s task of writing asynchronous or, even better, off-main thread code.

From the top of my head, we have added and gradually improved:

  • support for async programming with Promise, including Promise.jsm, Task.jsm, better error reporting …
  • support for off main thread I/O with OS.File, Sqlite.jsm, mozIStorageAsyncConnection, nsIBackgroundFileSaver, async transactions for places, …
  • support for making things safer with AsyncShutdown.jsm …
  • support for testing async code, with  add_task for xpcshell and mochitest-browser …
  • support for clear off main thread code with the chrome worker module loader, extensions to js-ctypes …

Do you have wishes for Q4 or beyond? [De]compressing files on chrome workers? Accessing sqlite from chrome workers? More tooling for Promise? New preference APIs?

Please drop us a line, either here or in the relevant Bugzilla component.

Additionally, I will attend the Mozilla Summit in Brussels where I will host an Open Session on Async development in the Mozilla platform. Don’t hesitate to come and have a chat.


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