Just a question regarding ACTA

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am currently reading the official text of ACTA. This international treaty against brand name abuse, forgery and illicit data sharing has been negotiated for two and a half years being a veil of absolute secrecy. Since early December, it is now finally public.

Reading it, I wonder. Here is article 11, for instance:

« Without prejudice to its law governing privilege, the protection of confidentiality of information sources, or the processing of personal data, each Party [= each country] shall provide that, in civil judicial proceedings concerning the enforcement of intellectual property rights, its judicial authorities have the authority, upon a justified request of the right holder, to order the infringer or, in the alternative, the alleged infringer, to provide to the right holder or to the judicial authorities, at least for the purpose of collecting evidence, relevant information as provided for in its applicable laws and regulations that the infringer or alleged infringer possesses or controls. Such information may include information regarding any person involved in any aspect of the infringement or alleged infringement and regarding the means of production or the channels of distribution of the infringing or allegedly infringing goods or services, including the identification of third persons alleged to be involved in the production and distribution of such goods or services and of their channels of distribution. »

Do I understand correctly that, to comply with such orders:

  • a library must keep watch over its uers, so as to be able to identify those who might be implied in alleged infringements?
  • a university must keep watch over its professors, so as to be able to identify those who might be implied in distributing documents and exceeding fair use?
  • … or a highschool? or a kindergarten?
  • … and no element of proof is required from the right holder?

Have I mentioned that I am a little worried by ACTA?



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