Good morning Mozilla!

September 21, 2011 § 3 Comments

It’s an exciting time for us Computer Scientists.

Three years ago, I was an academic researcher, studying the best manner to certify binaries uploaded to clouds and ensure their security. Less than three weeks ago, I was working at MLstate, leading the R&D team and striving to change the face of web programming languages and web security. Today, I am part of Mozilla, as a proud member of the Performance team, where we take steps, each day, to make Firefox, Thunderbird and the Mozilla platform faster and more responsive.

We, at Mozilla, have considerable work ahead of us. Because the web needs to be defended, kept open and compatible with privacy, and, on some of these fronts, only Mozilla stands.

An exciting time, indeed – and an exciting way of doing my part!

I will try and blog about ongoing developments as soon as I find a minute.

Edit It seems that I misredacted some of the announces that were sent. Just to clarify, I am not the leader of the Performance team. That person is Taras Glek.


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