Last lecture

April 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

Note: This post is written on the 79th day of strike of Universities. Despite the overwhelming consensus against these bills, the government has just passed the application decrees implementing the possibility of arbitrarily increasing the teaching charge of researchers, without need for any justification. The government obviously fails to see how much this will hurt Research. Simultaneously, the government has announced that, since the reform of primary and secondary schools cannot proceed in compliance with the government’s own decrees, it will simply proceed illegally. Once the shock is gone, expect increased strike actions. Expect Resarch strikes on publications, on patents, on contracts with the government or French companies. Expect difficulties with baccalauréat, exams and degrees.

Where headhunters had failed, the government has finally succeeded. Today was my last lecture.

As the government obviously doesn’t want Researchers to have the means and time to undertake Research, I have accepted a position in the private sector, where I should be able to pursue my work on semantics, security and functional concurrent/distributed programming languages.

While I’m glad to start in a position where I will have both more leeway and both students and engineers to work with me, I am saddened that the situation had to reach the point where I felt I had no choice.

Barring any accident, starting September 1st, you will be able to find me at MLState.

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