Extrapol update

July 4, 2008 § Leave a comment

A quick work regarding the current status of Extrapol and its release.

Development of Extrapol progresses. With our current set of sample, Extrapol works flawlessly. We’re now adding features, improving error reporting and de-hard-wiring the model of the C standard library from the tool and moving it towards an external configuration file as well as progressively moving towards larger and more realistic samples. Development will come to an abrupt (and temporary) halt at the end of this week, though, due to personal matters (i.e. I’m getting married).

The release planned for next week, on the other hand, is canceled. As the research field of applied security is very competitive, and after careful discussion with the rest of my research team, we have decided to only release a version of Extrapol after the scientific content has been accepted for publication in a conference or journal. At the request of one of the institutes which founds this research, I will also refrain from posting detailed information on the theory and algorithms behind Extrapol, until these are cleared by the institute and accepted for publication. Without entering the details, Extrapol is expected to serve in critical infrastructures, which explains the need for clearance.

However, rest assured that there will be a release and it will be open-source (presumably licenced under a combination of MIT and LGPL). The only question is when — and this probably won’t happen before November.


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